If your home has suffered some water damage, you are likely to experience mold issues as well. Mold won’t appear right away; it takes some time to become visible. As soon as you notice that mold starts to appear, you must take all necessary actions from spreading and growing further. With few supplies that you can find at your local craft store and a bit of work, you can eliminate this dangerous pest. If you aren’t too skilled with this type of work, it is best to contact a trained professional.

Start with the moisture

Mold grows in damp areas; you need to eliminate all moisture from your home to stop it from spreading. Turn on fans and air – conditions, open your windows and allow air to circulate. There is a special device called dehumidifier, that will extract the moisture quicker. It has attached tank, that is filled with water, as it is extracted from the room. Be sure to change it regularly. The water which is stored in a tank which also contains mold spores. That water should be disposed of in a careful matter, without infection other areas of your home.

Clean the surface

One you extracted the moisture, you should clean all floor and walls. The floors should stay bare, remove the carpets and let them dry in the sun because the sun can kill mold. Then you should make mixture: 1 cup of chlorine bleach and one gallon of warm water. Use gloves and face mask to protect yourself. Wipe the wall and the floors with this mixture and let them dry. In another bucket, use warm water and some disinfectant to wipe everything all over again. You might need to repeat this procedure up to three days before the mold disappears.

Clean the wood

The wood requires different treatment. If water damages your wood furniture such as chairs, desks, racks, books cases and so on, soon the mold will appear. To remove it use denatured alcohol. You just need to pour a small amount of denatured alcohol on a rag and wipe the wooden surfaces. The structure of denatured alcohol shouldn’t damage the wooden finish, but you can always test it on a small area, to see the results. Let alcohol set for a few minutes, before it’s completely dry and they use disinfectant to wipe down everything.