A mold is a fungus, and not all species are not harmless as they look like. It grows indoors, and it chooses moist and places with high humidity. It can cause serious respiratory infections, and it should be cleaned as soon as you notice it. We have prepared a few easy ways to get rid of this pest.

Find out the source

To clean and remove the mold once and forever, you must determine the cause. Once you now the cause, it will help you in further steps, you will manage to eliminate it completely. The critical factor you should consider is moisture.

Isolate the area

Before you start with a cleaning, you need to isolate an area to prevent the spores from spreading in other rooms of your house. Lay down a plastic sheeting on the floor in front of affected area, at least 6mil thick, in this way spores won’t be able to migrate. It is very important to cover your vents and eliminate spores from circulating through the house. Keep in mind that you need to protect yourself as well, use facial mask and gloves.

HEPA vacuum

It is one of the great ways to remove allergens and toxins. Nowadays you can rent HEPA vacuum at any place. It has special filters to remove all toxic materials and substances from your house.

Use a bleach

When preparing this mixture, use to separate solutions, in one spray bottle mix 8 oz of bleach combined with 1 gallon of water. In another spray bottle just use warm water. First, spray the affected area with bleach and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then use an old rag to scrub away the mold. Then use warm water to clean the mold area nicely. Again, you can use HEPA vacuum just as a precaution.